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Taking a break

12 Jun

The biggest sign that this is a necessary break is the fact that I’ve tried to write this post over 4 days & am just now finishing it.  My husband & I were ecstatic to find out 6 weeks ago that we are expecting a baby in January!!  Unfortunately, about 4 weeks ago I was hit like a train with pregnancy sickness.  Without medication, my sisters, cousin & I fall into the 1% of pregnant women who are diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum; a condition which causes us to become severely ill & vomit uncontrollably many days.  Both of my sisters & my cousin were very sick until about 20 weeks, and I’m currently at 10 weeks.  Fortunately, prescription medicine is helping me keep it under control at this time, but I’m still unable to do any photography sessions or editing.

So clearly I’ll be taking a break from booking any sessions until I am feeling better, and thank you all for your patience & support!  We’re so looking forward to growing our family by two little feet, and you know that I’ll have plenty of pictures to post in the future!

In His Grip,



{tan family}

22 Apr

No matter how you say it, it still sounds like I’m talking about a really TAN family! :) What beautiful little girls, precious parents, and fun in the rain…

mr. & mrs. smith (and their youngins)

9 Nov

Some shoots don’t work out exactly the way you think they will… kids don’t always behave the way a child model should…. haha but you always manage to capture real life!  This sweet family’s little baby was loving the camera; their 2 year old, not so much.  So we may re-shoot again another time, but we managed to get some cute shots this time!  Enjoy :)