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The (new) swing of things

17 Aug

I have neglected this blog/website for too long!  It’s been so long it needs a whole revamp, and that’s what I’m in the process of doing, so please bear with me as lots of changes are coming soon!  I have been working a LOT, but all photos have been uploaded just on Facebook for now- head over to my page there and “like” it if you haven’t already!  Being a mommy is my number one priority and job, but I am blessed to photograph so much life and love as well.  Here is a teeny *tiny* snippet of my last couple of months!

I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures from when my baby girl was 10 days old. (She is now 7 months! Yikes!)




4 Apr

Settled back into a routine in Denver & LOVING this random weather & sunny days… two days ago we had an almost 80 degree day, and then yesterday we got almost 3 inches of snow!  Now it’s sunny, almost 50 & most of the snow has melted away.  Classic Colorado.  I love it.

I took some more pictures for this sweet family while I took their little Miah’s one year photos the same day, and what a beautiful day it was!  I’m so glad we got to enjoy the sun during my last shoot before leaving for Oregon & having most of my shoots there canceled because of the rain. :(  Not really surprised, considering I grew up there, but didn’t make it any less disappointing!

But no use focusing on rainy days when we got so many lovely pictures from the Smith family shoot!  Enjoy!

Even though it’s still brown around here, you can’t beat the Colorado sunshine!

In His Grip,


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{The Olsen Family}

14 Mar

We met Seth & Christi at the conference we went to a few weeks back for NFL Players & their wives, and WHAT.AN.ADORABLE.FAMILY.  seriously.  Their son Rylan is the most precious little bundle of sweetness I’ve ever seen.  And check out all their baby blues!  It was so fun to meet another couple who were once with the Denver Broncos & are now with another team (Vikings,) but loved Denver so much they made their home here also! :)

And of course their family pictures had to include their other “kids”!  Meet Copper, Charlie & Boomer:

Thanks for the wonderful day Olsen Fam!!

In His Grip,


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{The Geddes Family}

6 Mar

I met Reagan in one of my photography classes awhile back, and we just instantly clicked.  She’s also a redhead, passionate about photography & food, and so easy to carry on a conversation with.  She’s got THEE most infectious smile & laugh I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately about 8 months ago she moved quite a bit further away, so we haven’t seen each other for quite awhile & it was fun to catch up while I captured some uber fun & sweet moments between her & the men in her life.

One of her sons slipped on the snow & needed a little TLC… but a piggyback ride made it all better!!

Thanks for a wonderful day Geddes Family!!

In His Grip,



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9 Dec

Well, I made it back from Portland in one piece, just fighting a sore throat now & editing like a mad woman!  Here’s a few snippets of some shoots while I was there….

Fun Dorfler family


Precious moment of daddy & his daughters


Kids love me…. or they just love to make silly faces at me.  Either way, they’re adorable.

Had an amazing time photographing my beautiful friend & fellow-photographer Courtney, pregnant with her third baby!  We’ve agreed to do a little swap-a-roo with maternity pictures (no, that’s not an announcement,) and it was super fun shooting a client who is also a photographer!  I’ll pretend like it doesn’t bother me that she doesn’t have a single stretch mark in her third pregnancy.

Can’t wait for newborn pictures in January when Sam & I go back to Oregon! :)

Like my new logo by the way??


sweet sistas

25 Nov

These two girls have become some wonderful friends from the high school where my husband works.  A couple weekends ago we had a fun sister shoot & the girls just WORKED the camera.  Fun stuff.

mr. & mrs. smith (and their youngins)

9 Nov

Some shoots don’t work out exactly the way you think they will… kids don’t always behave the way a child model should…. haha but you always manage to capture real life!  This sweet family’s little baby was loving the camera; their 2 year old, not so much.  So we may re-shoot again another time, but we managed to get some cute shots this time!  Enjoy :)